Friday, October 1, 2010

I really don't like sewing

I am so out of the box, that I can't stand any kind of structure.  Sewing takes a lot of steps and finessing.  I don't enjoy it, and when I have to sew everyone knows I don't enjoy it.  I told my husband "I hate sewing!!" and in his male mind confusion was born.  Then why he demands did you have me buy you a sewing machine?  He doesn't get it.  Because I still need one.  I need one because I know how to sew and it's cheaper than buying.   So logical in my head, but in his it just rolls around until he shakes it out. Hahahahha

So the reason I tell you all of that is so you know what I am going through.  I am in the midst of planning this retro zombie party for my son's 18th birthday.  We are aiming at 100 teenagers, yes I know I am kinda crazy, so there's much to be done.  We are going to rent the hall downtown and set up there.  Now comes the reason for sewing......the chairs are light blue.  So doesn't go with retro zombie.  So luckily Walmart has this fabric sale thing going on.  5yd bolts for 5 dollars.  They had shiny red stretchy fabric that would go perfectly.  So now I sit and cut and sew simple slipcovers for over 50 chairs.  Bleh, in the midst of all this cutting and sewing I made a break for some bust out creativity.

I have a few cigar boxes lurking around.  That are made of wood.  I think I maybe behind in this trend but I don't care.  It requires no sewing!  I gather up all my left-overs from previous crafts and just had fun.  Kinda had teenage girl in mind when doing this. 

And now for the finished product!!!!!
I used duct tape, craft paper, chains, beads, sequins, markers, paint pens, and other stuff that I found.  I thought it would make a good lunch box as well as a purse or a maker holder.  I love it.  Think I might put a new pack of sharpies in it and give it as a gift to one of the many teen girls I know.

PS  to all my sewing friends out there.  I love you and what you do and look on you with awe and wonder.  I just don't have it in me.  :(  but am soooo glad you do.


  1. Loving this. Great layering and use of materials. I'd love to get this as a gift full of markers, and I'm....well, let's just say I'm not a teenager. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.

  2. I love sewing but I think I would just about die if I had to make 50 of anything!

  3. I kinda wish I was a teenage girl you knew! I just stumbled across your blog from a link I foudn on FB. WOW! You are so crafty! I will be following you and seeing what else you create! Super cute blog!

  4. thank you all :) I have finially finished the dreaded sewing and hoping to finish up the benches so I can post them. Thank once again for your comments, they help me so much