Monday, June 6, 2011

I love other people's gardens!!!

I know I have said this before, "my thumb is not that green".  I want it to be green, and sometimes I even achieve a little success.  Then I confuse myself with thinking I am a farmer.  Then get caught up in something twisted and become a herbicidal maniac.  I don't want to kill the plants.  I'm not even aware of when I am killing them.  It's a Jekyll/Hyde thing. 

So many people have such great and fragrant gardens and I just thank God I am related to some of them.
It makes it easier to forage if you know the people who own the land.  Less conflict and yelling.

I went to my nieces today to drop something off but I did have pillaging in the back of my mind as well.
I can't help it!!!  She has lilac trees everywhere and in different colors and healthy and in bloom and  They smell so pretty.

Plus the ones I had stolen found and lovingly given, were starting to die. 
Aren't they simply amazing and just.....PURPLE.
You know what's even better than free???
Love and family that will tolerate you stealing their flowers.
As I was leaving with my bouquet, I walked by her spring peas...I couldn't resist.
I yelled out "I'm eating your peas too" and munched a few.
They were delicious and you could taste the GREEN.
Yep, family with green thumbs rock!


  1. Lol my green thumb is a new find! I am lovong our land!!

  2. Your welcome to my flowers Anytime but I might make you cut me a bouquet next time. LOL

  3. Ok, it's a deal and I will bring some real clippers :)