Wednesday, June 8, 2011

odds and ends and a possible fail

Waaaaaaay back in Feb I stopped by Ikea just to forage and see what I could find.  I found this for a dollar.
Well it didn't look this nice and it was without it's lighting.  It was just a paper husk with a few small holes in random places.
I have witnessed crafty things done with paper lanterns and decide I too would join the ranks of said craftiness.
I thought about cupcake liners or flowers but then a friend of mine asked for my help with her bedroom redo.
She loves vintage and funky.  Me, I love cheap or free.  I found a broken light fixture at a yard sale and got it for, yet another dollar.
Next came the idea to cover it in craft paper with her chosen colors. 
So  retro TAAA-DAAAAA!
It's got a retro sputnik feel to it so I threw in the flowers to not be over the top. 
I was a little afraid she wouldn't like it.  I called her down to take a gander so I could fix it if she didn't.
She didn't like it.....she loved it!  I am soooo glad :) 
If you want to know what I did, I'll tell you.  I cut a bunch of circles and mod podged them on there along with cut-out craft paper.  That's it.

After staring at my wood wall, I realized how much it looked like a pallet.  I have nothing against pallets, mind you.  I actually love them, but it's not a pallet.  So I stained it and am now thinking about that.
What do you think?
I'm thinking about framing it out in black or something.... 
So I was cleaning out some stuff and found a decent size frame with glass and decided I would try my hand at a dry erase board with fabric.  I spray painted the frame a lovely red and found a metallic shiny silver that was all crinkles.  It was looking awesome!
Then I was pushing the metal dohiggies back down on the back and I hear a kriiiick.
The stoooopid glass cracked, broke, became instantly useless. :(
Now what???  Go buy another piece of glass? HA! not for what glass costs.
Throw the glass away and use the frame? Maybe but that is more work than I want to do.
SOLUTION: use it in the design......GENIUS!  maybe? 
I ran and grabbed my glass glue and ran it along the cracks and covered it with red ribbon.
Brown ribbon would of been better in hind site, but my daughter grabbed what I asked for the first time.
Dang my mouth not catching up to my brain.
So then I added branches with my glass paint marker. 
So you decide...SCORE?  or FAIL!!! 
I tested it, it still functions.