Monday, June 20, 2011

In the gardern...kinda

So does anyone else know about Goodwill's Sunday and Monday sale?  It was only 99 cents but recently went to 1.29.  It's like a treasure hunt, you find the magic color and then start searching for a lost treasure.  I absolutely love it!!!  It is the game of re purposing :)
So back in the 99 cent era I found this lamp, I tend to buy lamps for parts and rewire them or distort them but they still remain illuminating.
Well that is until this one.  I loved the look but just didn't want to make another lamp.  It was like when I figured out how to crochet hats and then everyone I knew had one of my hats.  I had so many I was just handing them out to random people at the Christmas Parade.  It's the only time of year you can do that without being arrested.
So do you want to see what I did with it?  Oh I just remembered, the set of lights I converted into cat proof planters.  Ok my bad I was wrong but I'm going in that kind of direction.
So here it is TAAAA-DAAAA!!!! 
I found the bowling ball on one of the treasure hunting days and it fit perfectly.  Needed some garden art to balance the bunny.  The little tea light holders are glued to the file cabinet rod thingies.  The only thing left to use on the file cabinets are the drawers.
They are working pretty good as planters! 
Scope out my pea crop, no weeds, no bugs, no cats digging in and doing their business.  Plus I don't have to bend over or kneel in wet ground.  I do <3 these things. 
Think I 'm going to have salad for lunch with some fresh pods, oooh yeah :)


  1. I see you now :)

    What a fantastic use for that lamp and the pink is poppin' LOL

    BTW, I l.o.v.e your monkey hat.

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! you can see me :) Hooooorah! I am excited and I really mean that.
    Thanks again Mel!!!