Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New old stuff and Folk Life

The most amazing thing happened the other day.  Someone messaged me and asked if I wanted some stuff.  I said "of course!!!!" and I went to their house and this is what they gave me.
Isn't it awesome!!!
Vintage cedar chairs and this metal table!! 
The possibilities are flooding my brain.  Color, pattern, classic or whimsy, so many options to choose from.
I will have to think on it before I start but it will be re posted once done. It was a good day!!!

Then last weekend the sun actually came out and we were in Seattle when this happened.  It was amazing!!!
This is the "Folk Life" festival and I recommend it to anyone in the Seattle area on Memorial Day Weekend.
We got there when they first opened up and got to look around before the crowd got there. 
Lots of music, food, and wares from around the world. 
As well as local entertainment. 
We even were able to kick back and be a little creative ourselves. 
I made a special "monkey" hat for the day.  It was worth it for the smiles that it created. 
Many photo opportunities, especially against the EMP.
The Urban Craft Uprisisng was going on as well so it was a two fer. 
Artist were everywhere 
It was just a beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest. 
The soccer fans were out as well, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he was rooting for Mexico.
It really was a good day and the only thing that gave me pause was the cost of parking in Seattle.
But I so would do it again.

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