Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost there and can't wait to show someone

My son has finished the wall for me.  It is really beginning to come together.  Come with me on my guided tour of my usable patio.
The wall is behind the couch.

This is my sitting area, hopefully people will come and join me :) 

Using art to tie in the colors.  It is getting there, although it is still lacking fabric and soft stuff. 

Over on the other side we have my small kitchen.
The bar is still being made, I started with simple and got carried away.  My K.I.S.S.  ability is broken.
It is in the process of being tiled and accents added. 

Still have a nice walkway and we won't be stumbling.
Although it needs to be prettied up.
This is the wall from the parking lot.  I think I'm going to stain it dark brown and add something to it,....not sure what gotta see what I can find first. 

It is really starting to come together and some may think it is finished.  I am not some.  I just got the hard lines done and I am also soooo wanting to get a better grill.  This one was a propane cast-off I turned into charcoal with the help of a baking pan.  I want to upgrade to real propane grill, never had one before.  If Craigslist doesn't help me out real soon, that reality may continue. 
I am loving my planter!  I have even kicked it and all that happened was my foot hurt.
Isn't that awesome?!?!?!  The cat can't knock anything over nor the teen mow it down.
I am giddy. 
Isn't it cool?  After I succeed in growing lettuce and snap peas.  I might throw a big leafy plant in there for the rest of the summer. 

Yep, it's beginning to look like a real patio and maybe have a real summer party, with people and everything. 
So far this is what I've spent
bench/couch  5.00
rug       3.00
wood for bar and wall 29.00
tile  5.00
art    5.00
table .99
coffee table   5.00
planters  9.00
grey stain   1.50
Everything else I had hanging around or was free.
Now to cozy it up.


  1. It looks GREAT so far. I love all of the colors!


  2. Thanks so much Jen! :) you are too kind.

  3. Outstanding! I love the color combos, and the price tag is right up my alley. With that pallet wall, I'd have it over flowing with solar string lights.

  4. thanks Sunni, I'm looking for them as I type. I do have a cheaper idea in mind if those don't pan out. Although the ones at World Market are the perfect color and design. guauuuuuhhh where's the "pretty fairy" when I need her and her pet "money monkey".....