Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grey and Yellow, Grey and Yellow, yeah uh huh you know what it is.

I am back, once again with randomness.  This here is Reginald P. Wiggliesworth.  I found him wandering around Seattle (five dollars!!) last Easter Weekend.  Right now he is sitting in my living room.
(He wasn't wandering around, I was! )
Not sure where to put him yet.  So he's just sitting there where the zombie heads use to live. 

I've also gotten a few things done for the grey and yellow scheme.
Like this chair.... 
Why yes, I did use duck tape.  Thanks for asking.  I sanded down the metal part, just enough to prepare for painting.  Then I sprayed a few coats of gloss white.  Then I started to cover the vinyl straps with duck tape.  Started with the back/underside first.  It looks soooo much better! 
This is what it looked like before I started 
This is the board I got for a dollar.  I took off all the hooks and spray painted them silver. 
Then painted the board white, added tape (not very straight and perfect, I have to admit) and then spray painted it yellow.  Then of course put the hooks back on. 
I guess I really should of measured the distance but I didn't and I sure am not gonna now. 
My laziness won out.  I have to admitt it wins far too often.

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