Monday, May 23, 2011

Really Cheap Art

This is a discarded Ikea Lacks table top.  Actually there's two of them.  The were abandoned outside my local Restore.  So love when that happens!!
I thought it would make a totally awesome outdoor canvas and if I screw up, who cares it was free.
Have I told you free is my favorite number?
To convert it to said art d' object, you need wire and staples.  I suppose I could screw in eye screws but I'm into simple.   
See?  A couple of staples and pounded in with a hammer and instant hanger. 
Then I just painted a simple poppy. and added grey squiggle's to tie in grey...dang how do you spell grey anyway?  is it grey or gray?
So I didn't prime it  or anything wanted to use the black for shadows.
The tada would of been bigger but I am never impressed with my art work. 
Ok next up is this funky framed cloth thing I found at a thrift store for 5 bucks.
I think it might of been silk screened but I'm not sure.  I just really loved the colors and knew it would work for the patio redo. 
The major problem was, the dirt, mold spots, and some one writing on it with what appears to be a sharpie.
Poor neglected, abused art :(  it needed to come home and be loved.  It even liked me very much, it said so.
So I pulled out my duck tape and paint and even a few sharpies.
It is looking so much better.  I hope this encourages you to bring home neglected art and love it. 
The patio now has  theme, it called fun and enjoyment.


  1. Yay for the poppy ^^ i remember seeing it without the paint. I also love what you did with the funky framed cloth thingy. :) it looks perfect with the green contrast of the wall.

  2. you are toooo sweet Sheri, :) thank you <3