Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I'm working with

So with my bedroom done and the rain slowing down.  My attention has been turned to the cement slab that is outside my back door.  Although is it really the back door if it's the only one that gets used?  So off garage sale hunting I go.  I have an idea and it involves yellow and grey.
Theses aren't going into the plan but I found them for only 40 bucks and I'm excited about it.  My husband is a drummer and can fix them up for some kid that can't afford them. :)

Ok, so on to the bits and pieces that will become my new patio "outside living space" and be used for more than walking through.  Here in Washington (the state) that is only for a few months out of the year.  Yet I am hoping to make it more waterproof than it is now. 
The lights were a buck a piece and the glaze and paint a quarter. 
I really just love this light.
Then I found a glass top and the other thing for 6 dollars total. 
The old croquet set was thrown out by an unwitting person.
This great bench was only 5 dollars at the ReStore. 
The outdoor rug 3 dollars at the Restore and the chair I found years ago for 5 dollars. 
My duck tape flowers survived from last year. 
Although the red one faded quite a bit but I can always paint it. 
This wonderful thing below was FREE.  My favorite number and soon to be a very useful and sturdy planter. 
Just gotta cut the wood down and add rocks and dirt.
So this is the beginning of what looks to be a wonderful summer relationship with my patio.
Alas old friend, I have neglected you and allowed you to wither away but no longer.  People will want to spend time with you.  To stop and rest, laugh, enjoy, stay dry and maybe even eat a meal.
Right now all it's saying is....
and Ugly.  Might as well put an old broken washer out here.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, really, I mean it!

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