Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to cat proof planters....and various ramblings

So what does this and
this have in common?
So what is my solution?
Did that help any?
Every year I find these cute pots (all ceramic) and I put them around my house in my vain attempt at "pretty".
Every year I find them through out the summer in various pieces.  I've even kept the pieces in a delusional thought "I will use them for a mosaic."  I seriously need help.
But not this year!!!! It will be different!!  I have figured out metal doesn't break easily.
Thanks to the Restore and a couple of thrown out file cabinets, my planters will survive!
It's even being warm and friendly.  Plus they are screwed into the wood and are going nowhere. HA!

Now the picture below is not.  It is stuck in a time warp, but I found it at Goodwill for 99 cents.
Can't loose there......I think.
"Editaaaaath get me a beer" is echoing through my mind.
(for you young people, that was a reference from a 70's show  called "All in the Family")
So tune in next week for the conclusion to this week's episode.


  1. Hey, I have cats and teenagers too!

    Seriously, that was an inspired idea. Way to really look outside the box on this one, it came out great!

  2. 99 cents? holy moly, how could you NOT get it for that price! the pots are cute, too!

  3. I know right!!! So love a bargain :) I hope you jumped to it's completion. It turned out super cute. Thanks so much for your kind words.