Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm seeing spots!!!!

I have accomplished a few more things.  Remember the glass top and croquet set and board?
Also the 3 dollar rug I found at the Restore 
Well, they have been transformed!!!  I painted it grey first and then decided it was too much grey,
With the help of a random teenager.  Not mine, sadly, but she was awesome to help me.
Isn't she cute? 
I had ambition to do "the chevron" stripes that are so hot in blogland right now.
But then I realized it would take math and measuring and  I am just not that anal or even a smidgen of perfectionist in me to do it well.  So we came up with a different design that took very little effort.
(I like very little effort)
All it took was dollar store plates, spray paint, some rocks, and some pieces of wood.....oh and of course duck tape.
So much cuter than the boring classic Asian design.  Plus part of the rug was destroyed and I was able to cut it down to fit better.   OH yeah the other pic.  That became my coffee table.
My husband bought me an awesome cement planter for mother's day.  My thumb is not very green but I grow irony, witty, quizzical, with a touch of insanity, very well.  
Do you get it?  Teapot, croquet balls, wickets, and pink flamingos?
"cuz we're all a little mad in here"


  1. A little surprise adoption on a random Minion?

    This turned out very cool! I like the technique you used, and the table is like a little off kilter icing on the cake.

  2. I have a tendency to gather random minions :) and a little crazy makes everything a little more fun. @_@ muahhahahahah

  3. I can't wait until it's nice enough to come sit and have coffee in your outdoor area.

  4. yesssss! First I have to build a wall.