Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VICTORY!!!!! (we will we will ROCK YOU....sing it now)

Meet my nemesis    >-< ooooooooh!!! how I hate to sew.  Think we've gone over that while making 50 chair covers back in the fall.  It has been long enough I have forgotten.
I had no choice, I needed cushions for outside and the cheapest one I found was 20!!!!  for one. 
 After checking around it appears outdoor cushions are quite valuable and one wonders why you would leave them outside.  O.o  I am now contemplating a life of crime by stealing people's outdoor cushions and selling them on the black market.  My lack of storage and common sense is keeping the thought at bay.

So my attempt at making cushions was a total fail. 
It probably had to do with not having a pattern, or measuring.  Or even a faint attempt at any kind of structure in making this cushion.  I still love the fabric though.  Trust me I will still use the cushion (I'm not that proud) and throw it on a stool or something.  On top of it being confusing it was waaaaaay to small.  boooo  See there's that measuring thing again.

So with much apprehension I attempted to redo these awesome chairs a friend of mine gave me.
I stained them a light grey and found some great outdoor fabric at fabric guru.  Who knew you could actually find outdoor fabric for 4 dollars a yard and if that wasn't awesome enough shipping is only 4.99 for any amount!!  Take that 30 dollar cushions!!! 
So here they are back from forgotten to fabulous!!!

Simply sublime...sigh...
I even attempted artsy photos :) 

Here's a close-up of the fabric.
See that little black smudge?  Look closer...yeah that's why it was 4 dollars a yard.  Now ask me if I care...nope not one bit.  I'll just blame it on the cat :D hahahaha

Not only did I have complete victory over my sewing machine once but...
Have I mentioned we live near a rain forest? 
If you don't mow the lawn within a two week span it tends to go back to jungle mode.
Our lawn mower got pulled out, did a few passes and then promptly died of a heart attack.
Thinking about renting some goats.


  1. They look awesome Bambi! Way to conquer the sewing machine! If you rent those goats, can I borrow them?

  2. thanks! was gonna spike my sewing machine but it's too heavy. When I get the goats I'll let you know, and I will make sure they are not fainting goats or nothing will get done.

  3. awww, thank you so much Shianne, I just hope I didn't make them too great or my friend may want them back :D lol